03 March 2012

photo update

We made it to one Aggie basketball game this year! They won :)

Taken just a few days before I could no longer see my feet when I look down

Brent's weird face. It looks like the light is a laser from his eye. weird.

We went to firehouse after. Not all of these glasses are Brent's... just the 7 in front :)

Here I am at 28 weeks pregnant. That's 7 months.
Officially third trimester.

Thanks to Brent for sacrificing his entire weekend-- I was able to get the baby quilt top done
It is now up on frames.

I finished sewing the first square tonight. 29 more to go!
If you are interested in helping with some hand quilting call me.


  1. katie you look so stinkin cute! and i adore the quilt- looks perfect!

  2. Oh my gosh Kate, I can't believe you are 7 months pregnant! I would love to help you with your beautiful quilt!

  3. i love the quilt! that is so fun!!! only 3 months to go!!! yay!!!

  4. love love love the quilt!!! oh, and the toes peeping out under the belly.