08 March 2012

what not to wear

There are not many things in our marriage that we really disagree on. For the most part Brent and I mesh very well. There is, however, one issue that seems to keep cropping up. Brent has this sweatshirt. A treasure, so he tells me, from Guatemala. I would try to describe it, but no description does it justice. So here are some pictures of THE sweatshirt.

That's it. A Space Jam sweatshirt.
Here is a close up, you can see where some pen ink stained Porky Pig's left eye.
Brent's favorite part is the back which lists all of Jordan's stats in the shape of a 23.

Now you may be thinking what is the problem. One of my biggest fears is being that over-controlling wife who tells her husband everything he can and cannot do. I really do like most of Brent's clothes and I usually just smile when he puts on something I don't like. I draw the line at this sweatshirt. Sure it is charming, I love the Looney Tunes. I even think Michael Jordan is great (we have a huge poster of him hanging up in our office). I am fine if Brent wants to wear it camping or while hanging out on a Saturday. But when he attempts to wear it to work or school... that's another thing. I tried to hide it once, but he found it. This ugly sweatshirt keeps showing up and every time he attempts to wear it in public I roll my eyes until he changes.

So, what do you think? Am I too controlling? Or is it okay for me to tell him no on this? Any other wives out there have clothes you don't let your husbands wear in public?

On an unrelated note, saw this idea on pinterest and LOVE it-- I wrote on the washer in dry-erase marker all of the clothes that cannot go in the dryer. Brent often starts a load and I'll be home to throw it in the dryer, or vice versa, and when all of the clothes are wet sometimes it is hard to figure out what's in there that cannot be dried. Here's hoping this saves us from any more laundry disasters.


  1. On occasion, Wes will try to leave the house in a plaid shirt with plaid shorts (he insists they match because they are both plaid).

    The other no-no around here is that he has a pair of kind of green/brown cords that are actually quite nice...until he tries to pair them with any random shirt. (Light purple, anyone?)

    I finally had to explain that there are only a few shirts he can wear with them (they aren't jeans, after all). He claimed that the shirts he had been pairing with them were fine, but ever since I've only seen him wear my pre-suggested combos with them.

    Go me. I don't think that's controlling--you are saving him (and you) from unnecessary embarrassment. :)

  2. ahhhhh hahahahahahahaha that shirt is PRICELESS! I agree with brent it has to stay! but i also agree with you... only in the house or camping! you guys are too funny! we need to get together soon!! tell brent he can wear this when he hangs out with us! ha. brilliant idea about the laundry!

  3. It is a normal guy thing. I can't even count how often he gets home from work and I exclaim, " you wore that?!". In the end, I have made some improvements and let most of it go. Yes he wears a horrible orange shirt with holes in it that makes him look like a road worker, in public. Yes he wears pants that are reminiscent of MC Hammer, again in public. As life gets more complex you just let some of that stuff go because there are too many other things on your plate. I will not be sad when the orange shirt dies, but he will and I guess that counts for something.

  4. Haha! Too funny! Devin and I have similar debates! When we were first married, I was hesitant like you to say anything about what he chose to wear. But recently I have come to the conclusion that I need to step in somewhat. During the last weeks of pregnancy, I was desperate for larger clothes and was unwilling to buy more maternity clothes being so close to delivery. Devin said I could borrow some of his T-shirts. I pulled out one of his MANY Weber State T-shirts that he got for free somewhere. I was shocked when he exclaimed "Not that one, I wear that one!" Oh boy! That's when I realized that something needs to be done! I'm buying him a few T-shirts for his birthday next week. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll go for it. Men . . . what would they do without us! ;)

  5. Luis has a pair of green shorts that are not my favorite. However, paired with a color-coordinated shirt, they wouldn't be too bad. Unfortunately, he does not know which colors go well with the shorts. So in his mind, he thinks he is not allowed to wear the shorts in public, period.