26 February 2012

25 things for Brent

Today Brent turns 25. Here are 25 things that I love about him, in no particular order:

1. Brent hates to dance-- but when we work with elementary kids he is such a good sport, he learned to shuffle, jerk and douggie last summer.

2. Brent's new favorite thing to do is poke my tummy and yell "wake up" to the baby.

3. Brent cleans our bathroom. In our entire marriage I think I have cleaned it twice.

4. Brent loves shoes. Our closets are filled with Brent's shoes. He wears a size 13 so they take up extra space anyway, but just the number of them is overwhelming. This year for his birthday he's getting more shoes. He is so excited.

5. I had no idea when we got married that Brent is a huge Star Wars fan. My family has always been super into it, but Brent did not mention it at all while we were dating. After hanging out with my brothers a few times Brent began playing the games, reading the books and occasionally trying to duel me with his old lightsaber.

6. Brent has worked really hard to recover since his surgery. He does stretches and exercises everyday so that he can be in the best shape possible for when baby comes.

7. Brent is a record holding eater. He was the first person to take on the huckleberry mountain challenge at 511 (in Ashton, ID). He ate the entire dessert (meant to be shared by 4-5 people) in under 5 minutes.

8. Brent is a poet. On our 2nd date he gave me a poem he'd written for me. Over the past 2 years he writes me one poem every month and keeps them in a beautiful journal for me. I'm not talking "roses are red, violets are blue" stuff. His most recent poem was in Spanish, it followed all the technical poetry rules of traditional Spanish poetry, not easy to do.

9. One of our favorite things to do (especially in the summer) is go on photography adventures. We drive all over Cache Valley to get pictures. Brent is a very talented photographer.

10. During the first trimester, while I was sick and student teaching, Brent woke up early everyday to make me breakfast and pack me a lunch. He never complained.

11. Brent knows ALL the words when he sings. I'll start singing the chorus from some random 90's song and Brent will whip out every single verse.

12. Even without cable Brent keeps up on all the basketball scores: NBA/College/High School. He loves the sport and enjoys going to any game he can.

13. Every night before we go to sleep Brent sings a primary song to our little guy.

14. When we were first married Brent created the "falafel rule" Basically if we start to argue over sometime stupid we say falafel and let it go. It has worked wonders.

15. Cooking with Brent is one of my all time favorite things to do.

16. Brent took up fly fishing a few summers ago so he could fish on my family's camping trip. He is always willing to try new things and does not give up when they are not easy.

17. Brent is 25 and is still mistaken for his little brother Troy (19). Brent is often asked about his upcoming mission (Troy left last month).

18. When Brent wants something he whines for it, but in a very funny way. When he wanted new shoes he texted me the word "Toms" 1000 times.

19. Kids love Brent. Everywhere we go babies and little kids smile at him or in some cases run over to him.

20. Brent loves kids. He loves to play with our nephews. He is going to be a great dad!

21. He likes to "get silly"

22. Road trips with Brent are the best. He packs great snacks, sings to every song and plays every silly game I want to play (even the alphabet one).

23. Brent is always so excited to give me gifts that he can't stand to wait and usually makes me open them early.

24. Brent is very personable. He gets along with everybody.

25. Brent loves to ask me ridiculous questions. Some of my favorites: would you rather be banjo-kazooied to Roseanne or Nicholas cage? Who would win in a fight between Yoda and Dumbledore? If that is SO Raven, what is not SO Raven?

Happy Birthday Brent!
Love you!