21 March 2012


I was hoping to have a new ultrasound picture to post today with a close up on baby's face, but he would not cooperate. We have some excellent pictures documenting the fact that he is definitely a boy, but thought we would spare him that public embarrassment.

Everything is looking really. I am 32 weeks now (ok so not til Friday, but close enough). That means I am officially 8 months pregnant. It is crazy to think we are only 8 weeks away from meeting our little boy.

For the most part I am feeling great, I just get tired really easily. I sleep in every day and take a nap and by 10 I am ready for bed. Hopefully my energy levels will come back soon. We have not picked a name yet and other than the quilt I have not done much planning/decorating for his room. Maybe in the next few weeks I will get started on all of that stuff :)


  1. Katie, your energy levels will not come back for about 19 years. The kid will keep you running for that long. Best of luck and we are looking forward to the new little man.