25 March 2012

spring fever

Weekends are the best. During the winter Brent worked on Saturdays and so our weekend always felt short. Now we get to spend a lot more time together. On Friday night we were on our way out the door to use a gift card for dinner when Brent checked the score of the UNC game and saw it was close, so we ran to a local sport's bar instead so he could watch the end. We spent the rest of Friday night watching the games and doing homework.

Saturday morning Brent went to take a practice MCAT, which is a loooooong test. I headed to our stake's women's conference. It was fantastic! The theme was Elder Uchtdorf's "Forget Me Not" talk from last conference. I went to a couple of break out sessions on scripture study, patience and cooking. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I also got a recipe for the rolls at Maddox. They were delicious, I am excited to try them with wheat. If they turn out I will post the recipe.

After my conference and Brent's MCAT we headed home so I could finish a paper for my psych class. I have been so excited in my countdown to baby that I have not been counting down the 6 more weeks until I graduate! Cannot wait to be done with my Master's. As soon as I finished my paper we ran to get ice cream and enjoy the beautiful weather for a bit. We read scriptures and studied in the park. Then we headed to see the Hunger Games with some of our friends. Overall we liked the movie, but the books were definitely better.

It's hard to believe that we only have 7 more weekends until our little guy gets here. I already wrote all about week 32 of pregnancy--- but here are some pictures of my growing bump

officially 8 months!


  1. yahoo! its going so fast!! may will be so fun! we are so excited for you both!!

  2. Cute pics. You look great! We need to see you guys soon. Can't wait for the little man.