17 March 2012

spring break

One whole week without school meant having Brent around all week! We both had lots of work, but we decided to have a little fun too. We took off on Friday and headed down to Utah County to hang out with my fam for a 3 day weekend. On Saturday the girls went shopping while the boys watched basketball.
Sammi is in the back and Maren is next to me
There is Maren with my mom, she is very excited about the shopping trip

On Sunday night we headed over to my brother and sister-in-law's house to watch Finding Bigfoot. They filmed in Cache Valley for the season finale. The whole show became less credible when they showed our brother-in-law's friends as credible bigfoot witnesses. We had a lot of fun watching though. Ashley did a much better job at documenting the party here:
This is Brent and I getting our sqautchin on.
These are the lovely Rose girls, Cassie and Lexie. We all got the pink memo.
Our nephew Corgan heard the party and snuck out of bed to come join.
This is him coming to tickle Brent.

On the last day of our trip Brent got the stomach flu. It was only a 24 hour bug, but because I am pregnant we were nervous I would catch it, so I stayed as far away as possible. Thankfully my mom was willing to take care of Brent and made sure he survived.

We headed back to Cache Valley on Tuesday and spent the rest of the week sleeping in, working, quilting, watching march madness, and enjoying the amazing spring weather. Of course I could not find my camera for any of this. The break was exactly what we needed. We are getting very excited for the summer when we will have more time to enjoy together outside.


  1. Awesome! Sounds like a fun time! (especially the shopping while the boys watched basketball part). :)

  2. we wish you guys lived her so badly, blah! but its always fun to see you whenever we can! cant wait for our spring break in logan!