31 January 2011

The "nanniversary"

After a crazy month of school we were more than ready to take off for a weekend getaway to celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

Brent came back from class Friday morning and we made some sugar free cracked wheat pancakes (thanks to Aunt Dede for this AWESOME recipe).

After we downed the pancakes we headed to the Logan temple. Remembering where it all started was the perfect way to start our trip. We finished our visit there and talked about our wedding day [how nervous I was, how Brent did not have to get up that early to get ready, how all the ladies at the temple wanted to help me get ready, and how amazing it was to have our family and friends there]

After the temple we headed straight to SLC. We checked into the Little America hotel. We found a bed and breakfast deal that was SWEET! We immediately set off to check out the Gateway. Brent is a shopaholic and I enjoy window shopping. We hit up the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some awesome sugar free treats (peanut butter cup was to die for). We browsed through a lot of clothing stores and eventually we each got a new sweater on clearance.

After shopping we went to Red Lobster for dinner. Brent had never been and since we both love seafood I thought it would suit us perfectly. Although the wait was long, the food was definitely worth it. We decided that Red Lobster is probably the only restaurant that we would eat ANYTHING off of their menu, it all sounded amazing.

After a great night's rest in a bed with plenty of pillows :) We woke up to room service delivering our breakfast. It was legit. Breakfast included (for each of us):
-eggs benedict
-hash browns
-a fruit parfait
-3 assorted muffins/pastries
-bagels, smoked salmon and cream cheese
-a platter of fresh fruit
-hot chocolate

After the awesome breakfast we decided to head down to Utah County for some sushi and a visit with Justin, Ashley and the nephews. We watched the BYU game (they lost) and then headed to get sushi at our favorite place, Osaka in Provo. It was fabulous (as always). We decided to stay the night and drive back early on Sunday. **Thanks guys for the hospitality

Our previous blog was Brent's perspective on spending the day with the nephews. We definitely enjoyed seeing them. Corgan was in such a good mood from the moment we got there "Katie EE Brent EE Green Turtle Samson" and Greyson was smiling and laughing and making his new "old man" noise.

It was the perfect break from work and classes. It was much needed! We threw most of the diet out the window for the weekend, but managed to not overdo it. Brent is doing awesome with no sugar and no white flour and I only cheat every now and then (since I am trying to gain weight on the diet it is kind of necessary)

Sorry for the lack of pictures. We forgot the camera and the cell phone pics did not turn out very well. I promise to take our camera on our next adventure :)


  1. Congrats and Happy Anniversary to you both! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate! p.s. feel free to share your awesome wheat pancake recipe. :) I'd love to make them for my fam!

  2. It sounds like it was a really great weekend! Now Katie your next project will be to learn to make healthy Red Lobster garlic cheese biscuits!