30 January 2011

Cuteness Quotient

So, I know that I (Brent) don't usually do this, but I've come to a conclusion, and I feel that it must be shared with the world. I suppose that is the point of this whole blogging thing, right? I mean, I would never think of sitting anyone down and boring anybody with these random thoughts banging around my head, but when put in blog form.... MAGIC. Suddenly EVERYBODY wants to listen to me. More than anything, this blog is an ego trip for me. To all of you currently reading my musings: indulge me.

Anyways (say the aforementioned word in your best Nacho Libre accent), as I have begun scientific work in a lab outside of class, I'm going to practice my best scientific presentation of my observations and present a testable hypothesis.

Observation: babies are extremely cute (as we just spent the night with Justin, Ashley, Corgan, and Greyson, this blog is directed towards the latter two in this list).

Question: are babies cute at all times of the day? Does their Cuteness Quotient (yeah, that's a new system of measure.... patent pending.. DEAL WITH IT!) decrease as the night waxes on?

Research Hypothesis: Babies are cute at all times of the day, and the time of day has absolutely no influence on their Cuteness Quotient.

Prediction: upon observation, babies will ALWAYS be cute. Always.

Proposed experiment: Spend a night with a young baby outside of normal business hours, i.e., when they're not playing with toys, eating, or sitting in the middle of the room making eerily creepy yet quite hilarious old-man-this-is-my-last-breath-before-I-kick-the-bucket noises while staring at the ceiling. So, we decided to follow our subjects (Corgan and Greyson) to Wal-Mart after a night on the town at Osaka Sushi (blog to follow... LEGIT) when they would usually be in bed, observe behavior, measure Cuteness Quotient, and reevaluate prediction. We will then spend the night with one of these babies, and then evaluate cuteness midst crying, whining, and general fussiness.

Results: We followed Corgan and Greyson to Wal-Mart at about 8:00 p.m., when they are usually being bathed and being put to bed, and we observed that their Cuteness Quotient was even higher. Corgan ran around the store, randomly placing anything colorful or shiny into the cart, saying that he likes to "move it, move it" like Alex and Marty. Greyson was bouncing around in the seat of the shopping cart like Jeff Bridges mounted on Little Blackie, racing against time to save Mattie's life. Corgan continued galloping around the store in his unique little refrain of "I Like to Move It, Move It", giggling as absolutely awesomely as you can possibly imagine. Greyson was his usually smiley self..... those of you that know him know exactly what I mean. That night, we slept in Justin and Ashley's guestroom (mad props for the hospitality, you guys ROCK), and we were awakened at around 1:00 AM by hungry Baby Greyson, which I thought would have to decrease his Cuteness Quotient, but it invariably, as always, INCREASED. We were up with him until around 2:00 trying to get him back to sleep, and the little stinker (term of endearment) knew we were awake, so he decided to play. He kept propping himself up in his crib and laughing until he got our attention in a classic "pay attention to me" pose. VERY CUTE.

Conclusion: The Reeves Boys are cute, no matter what time of day. We had an AWESOME time at Osaka with Justin and Ashley, and had an awesome late night with Greyson. Cuteness Quotient definitely does not decrease with these two.... they make us excited to be parents!


  1. you guys are too nice, and I am happy you stayed over cause a) it was loads of fun and b) we slept allll night haha

  2. Actually, I think Corgan says "boob it, boob it".

  3. "when put in blog form.... MAGIC. Suddenly EVERYBODY wants to listen to me" I wish everybody wanted to listen to me (sad face)