12 January 2011

new semester

After 3 glorious weeks of vacation spent with family, friends and watching lots of great movies, it is painful to return to classes. Because we both work for the school district Brent and I had two full weeks of vacation together, during which we spent all day every day together, and we loved it.

Flash forward through Christmas, New Years, and a whole lot of lounging --- and here we are at the start of a new semester. Naturally because I am stuck with night classes Brent is stuck with morning ones. We both end up working afternoons which leaves very little time together :(

One of our Christmas gifts was a subscription to Netflix. It's been amazing! We've rediscovered all of our favorite childhood cartoons and enjoyed being able to watch them at night before bed. (while I am writing this Brent and I are watching Hoarders while Brent is giving me a foot massage -- he's the best!).

Even though we don't have much time together we are still enjoying watching movies and playing mahjong in the time we have together. It'll be a rough semester but we're planning on enjoying as much time together as we can. :)


  1. We love Netflix! It has replaced cable in our house

  2. Riley and I only get to see each other on weekends now. We feel for ya. Dang new semesters!