26 May 2012

Brooks' First Week

We are a bit camera happy right now. We took hundreds of pictures of Brooks this week. Here are a few dozen of my favorites.

**Remember we are first time parents and we have a really cute baby, so don't judge. 

Our first family portrait. 
Daddy giving Brooks his first bath. 
Admiring his squishy face.
Watching the Thunder-Lakers game with daddy. 
I cannot get over how cute he is.
He did not like the car seat at first.
Once we got the blanket on him he didn't mind it anymore.
Brooks with his Granny Reeves
Brooks with Grandma and Grandpa Pickett
Brent showing Brooks off to our nephews, Corgan and Greyson. They were not allowed to come back, which made me very sad.  Corgan said he thinks Brooks looks like a kitty.

Home Sweet Home. Brent gave Brooks the grand tour of the house.

His first bath at home. Brooks does not like baths, but he loves having his hair washed.
Brent's favorite part of being a dad is snuggling in the love sac. 

Thank goodness for Skype! Corgan and Greyson skyped with us a couple of times this week. One day Corgan told his mom, Ashley, that Brooks wanted to see all of his animals. So he showed Brooks all of his animal toys over Skype. I am so glad Brooks has such great older cousins. I am excited for them to be good friends. 
Granny Reeves got Brooks a little monkey rattle and he LOVES it!
and now for some close ups:


  1. Be as camera happy as you want -- we LOVE it :)

  2. What a cutie!!!! he is adorable (if thats okay to call a boy) i seriously dont know who he looks like but he is a cutie!!! congrats again

  3. He is precious. Cooper wants to play with his new buddy.

  4. He is ADORABLE!!! So Excited for both of you. 8 lbs... how did you do that? Way to go mama, and happy that labor went so, hmmmmm... 'smoothly'- :)