03 May 2012

April Recap

I blinked and now it's May! April was a busy month for us. Here is a quick update on everything that happened:

The first weekend in April was General Conference. We went down to see my family. We had a great time listening to the talks, relaxing and my Mom helped me finish my quilt! Here we are pinning the binding:
My sisters and sisters in law threw me a really cute shower! They went with a "pop" theme and we had lots of "pop" foods. (Think popcorn, cake pops, etc.) It was a blast and everyone was very sweet and generous. Of course none of my pictures turned out :(

The next weekend we were down again for MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING! My cousin Chelsea was tying the knot, so of course I had to be there. Chelsea moved to Utah when I was in junior high. Even though she was older than me, we totally clicked. We spent a lot of time watching movies, making special K cookies, dancing and partying. She joined the army a few years ago so I don't get to see her as often as I would like. I was really glad that her wedding was in Utah so I could be there!

Here is a collage of pictures that shows some of the fun from her shower and wedding day. Chelsea slept over with my sisters and I and we stayed up singing songs by the piano and watching chick flicks. So much fun :)

Here we are with Chelsea and her sister, the MOH, Hilary. I love the colors from her wedding, it was so beautiful!

Chelsea got married on the Friday before Easter. So my sister Maren and I decided to try "tie-dying" some Easter eggs. We got the idea off pinterest. You cut up old silk ties, wrap the eggs in them and then boil them in water with vinegar. It turned out well. The eggs were really pretty.

On Saturday, the day before Easter, we got news that my Grandma Reeves had passed away. Grandma Reeves was an incredible woman. I remember her telling me stories about her childhood and about getting married to grandpa. Grandma had Alzheimer's and for the past several years she has not been able to tell stories. I am glad that Brent was able to meet Grandma last spring break, but I look forward to him meeting her again someday, so he can meet the smart, funny Grandma I grew up with.

I love this photo of her with my aunts. Looking back at old photos Grandma always had the best style.

Because I was in town, my parents offered to let me drive out to California with them for the funeral. Brent was a good sport and sent me on my way. I am so grateful that I was able to go. My Grandpa Reeves and my mom's parents live about 10 minutes away from each other. I was able to spend time with all of them and some of my cousins too. 

I got to stay at my Granny and Granddad's farm, in my favorite bedroom. I was visiting my grandparents right after Brent and I started dating and I remember sitting in this room thinking about how I could totally marry someone like Brent. :)

My first morning at the farm Granddad got up and cut a rose for me, my mom and my Granny. He put them in vases and had them on the kitchen table. It was very sweet of him!

This is all of us out at the farm with Granny and Granddad. My brother Cody flew out from Iowa and my brother Justin drove out with his wife Ashley and their two boys. 
Ashley helped me do a pregnancy photo shoot on the farm. We haven't edited any yet, I am not sure how well they turned out because the humidity in California makes my hair go all sorts of weird. I did have a lot of fun taking pictures with Justin, Ashley and their boys though. The farm is absolutely beautiful. I'll have to post more pictures soon. 

Timing worked out so it was my cousins' spring break while we were there. My aunt Amanda took us to Color Me Mine and we did some really fun projects. I had a blast! I also got to spend a fun afternoon playing games with the Bell kids. I don't get to see them much, so I was glad I got to hang out with them. 

This trip was the longest Brent and I had ever been apart. It was hard to not see him for a week. Thankfully we were able to facetime a couple of times.

After a nice trip to California, it was very nice to be home again! The past couple of weeks have been lost to many hours of studying, writing papers and working on projects. We discovered that joy that is Instagram too! 

Here we are after I got back from Cali-

Oh and a little pregnancy update. We are officially 38 weeks pregnant! On the one hand I feel like I have been pregnant forever, but on the other this really snuck up on me. I had a crazy spurt of nesting energy this week and spent two days cleaning out the baby's room, which has been a storage room for the past two years. We had accumulated a LOT of stuff. A couple of DI trips later and it is looking good! I'll have to take a picture of the tetris-storage job we did in the closet.

Brent was a good sport about helping me out with all of this during finals week. We aren't done with all the projects I want to do for the baby yet, but I feel like we have a place for him  for when he gets here. Here is a picture of his little room so far:

We cannot wait for our little boy to show up. As anxious and excited as I am, Brent is even more. He has been getting lots of practice with little ones lately and does such a good job! Here he is playing with the nephews and holding my cousin's little girl, Ruby.

He is going to be such a good dad! He worked super hard this semester taking way too many credits and working 3 jobs. I am so proud of all that he does! He has also been very supportive of me. This was my last semester at Utah State. I graduate with my Master's this weekend. But I won't be walking... I mean waddling, through graduation ceremonies.

And that--- was April.

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  1. I've never heard of that tie egg dyeing but that turned out cool! Can't wait for baby Pickett any day now!