26 May 2012

birth story

Over the past few months I have been obsessed with reading birth stories. At one point Brent had to forbid me from reading any more because I would panic after reading the difficult ones. While I appreciated those who posted the intimate details of their birthing experience, I want to tell our story in pictures.

I guess I should start by saying the whole experience was completely different from what I expected. I thought the day would be long and stressful. The whole day ended up being very relaxed and peaceful. It also went by very quickly.

Saturday Morning 7:00 am -- We checked into the hospital. I had contractions all night and was not feeling well.

 This machine monitored the baby's heart beat all day. 

Here I am waiting to see if they were going to keep me or send me home. 
 9:00 am -- The doctor came and decided to break my water. Our baby was on his way!

 They kept my fluids up all day through my IV. 

Our nurses were amazing. There were very few people around, so we got a lot of attention.

 Brent held my hand through every contraction. He was incredibly sweet.

 Here I am between contractions. We were both incredibly excited.

 I was allowed to eat all of the Popsicles and ice chips that I wanted. At first this was fine, but by the end of the day I was starving. I may have shot Brent a couple of dirty looks when he came back from the snack room with bags of chips. 

The view from my bed.  

 11:00 am -- We decided it was time for me to get an epidural. Labor was going to take awhile and the contractions were miserable

More tubes hooked up to me. 

 Brent enjoyed his day. He watched a couple of playoff games and got in a good nap.

 My ID bracelet
Here I am after the epidural, waking up from a nap. I never thought I would take a nap while in labor. I was feeling very relaxed.
4:45 pm-- Time to start pushing.  

7:07 pm Brooks August is born. 
He has darling blond hair and is perfect in every way.

The doctor and nurses were surprised that he was 8 lb 2 oz. Everyone asked where I put the baby, because I was so small.  

 Brooks crying while they weigh him and wipe him down.

Holding my baby boy for the first time. 

Admiring how sweet he is. 

So in love with our baby boy

 It was love at first sight for Brent. 

 He is so excited to be a daddy!

Brooks August Pickett
8 lb 2 oz
20.5 inches
Born 05/19/2012
7:07 pm


  1. Katie, he is beautiful. Way to go you two. And congrats mama on a job well done; it's hard to grow a baby. We can't wait for the chance to meet him. Love you guys!

  2. Yay!!! Love the way you told your story :) I want to meet him too! You two are fantastic

  3. This is the sweetest thing ever! Totally made me cry, it is the most special thing in the world:) Thanks for sharing:) I'm so excited for you guys, he is just perfect!

  4. Congratulations you guys! He is adorable!!! Glad your labor and delivery went well. :)

  5. I love everything about this. Can't wait for the fun summer ahead with you guys!!

  6. Yes I've been wanting this post! What a sweet little cutie. We can't wait to meet you little Brooks. Hopefully this weekend! Glad the day went well.