14 June 2012

3.5 weeks

Brooks is almost one month old. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I am planning on printing our blog off as a baby book for Brooks eventually, so I am going to be including lots of pictures and details about our little boy. 

Brooks is a chill little guy. He really only fusses when he is hungry or gassy. 
He loves to have his hands under his chin. Whenever he falls asleep he puts his arms up there (unless he is being swaddled). I think it is pretty adorable. 
When Brooks cries he squeaks a lot. This is one of our middle of the night cry sessions. Once he eats he goes right back to sleep. Such a good baby.
Brooks hates when we start to swaddle him, but as soon as we pull it tight, he relaxes. He loves it. He usually dozes off right after we swaddle him. When he is swaddled we call him our little burrito.

As new parents one thing we are learning is that going places takes a whole lot longer. We have to feed him, change him and get him dressed. Usually part way through he gets his outfit messy and we start over. He does not like being put in the car seat, but once we give him the binky and monkey he doesn't mind.
Brooks is very strong. He holds his head up and looks around. He kicks incredibly hard (I think he cracked one of my ribs before he was born). He can already roll himself on to his side when we lay him down. 
Brooks' favorite thing to do is snuggle with daddy. This is my favorite picture of him so far because it is easy to see how much he and Brent look alike. 

Brooks takes a lot of naps everyday. We are using Babywise to get him on a good sleep/eating schedule. So far it is working well. 
I can already tell Brooks has a fun personality. I cannot wait for him to learn to smile and talk and walk so we can see more of it. 

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  1. he is such a cutie! i cannot wait to meet this little guy!! we are so happy for you guys!