01 February 2012

my little rutabaga

I read a lot of blogs lately. Mostly about pregnancy and motherhood. Some of the blogs make me scared for what's coming and other make me excited. One of the blogs I read today just made me sad. This woman wrote about how awful pregnancy was, how much she hated the idea of being a mother and how miserable the whole thing was making her. I cried. Ok, so I'm a hormone casserole and I cry at everything, but still, I totally cried.

I feel sorry for this woman. I know everyone has their own unique experiences with pregnancy and I can't say that she should feel a certain way, but it is hard to believe that someone could hate it this much, because honestly I love being pregnant. It is the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. Yes there are a lot of things I could complain about physically: back aches, head aches, feet aches, aches in places I did not know existed, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, constipation, dizziness, swelling, itching, the mood swings, and so much more.

But really, I don't mind it. Every time my little boy kicks I smile. I love seeing my belly grow. I love checking the weekly updates on how big he is getting (this week he is the size of a rutabaga--I love how they compare it to weird vegetables). I spend my mornings talking with my little guy and listening to music and dancing with him.... ok so I dance and he kicks sometimes. I spend hours thinking about what he will look like and what kind of personality he will have. I get to take naps for the first time in years. People hold doors open for me and help me pick up/ move things.

I don't have everything figured out yet. I am scared. I am nervous. I am anxious. And I am so excited for the baby to actually get here. I have a few months to get ready and while I'm waiting I am going to enjoy the little things.


  1. I couldnt agree more! There really isn't anything so horrible, for something so perfect. And hey- if it were easy- more people would have babies ;) Its hard for a reason- I think it helps us love them that much more-every baby is worth it! I cant wait to meet your baby either!

  2. and ps this blogging consistently thing is lovely! keep it up ;)

  3. Thanks Ashley! Now that I have more time at home I really want to blog more. :)

  4. Yes pregnancy is amazing and wonderful. Seriously I miss my little guy being in there and always with me! It's too bad everyone doesn't love it.

  5. That breaks my heart that she hated pregnancy! I loved it too! you are such a great sport and are going to be a great mother!!