29 January 2012

2 years down, forever to go

Yesterday was our 2nd anniversary. It really does feel like we have been married much longer. We spent most of the day working, but then Brent planned a fun surprise date for us. I was instructed to burn a cd of "our songs" that would last for the 45 minute drive (I was not given a location).

Here is our mix cd featuring our love songs.
Our official song: You and I by Ingrid Michaelson

Before we left the house we took a couple of pictures to mark the day. (the spots on Brent's shirt are from the camera flash).

A close up
with the bump

So we got in the car and we went on one of my favorite drives, up Logan Canyon. Some of my favorite dates with Brent have been up the canyon to take pictures, go hiking, look at leaves and my favorite, get Raspberry shakes at Bear Lake. Which was our destination! (It took me awhile to guess).

Brent's excited face as we head out of town.

To explain our date I have to give a little back story-- We spent our wedding night in Cache Valley then got up the next day and drove to Jackson Hole. Our hotel's restaurant did not serve breakfast and we did not want to run into people we knew in Logan so we waited until we got to Bear Lake to eat. We stopped at a little diner and had the best sandwiches and soup! So Brent's surprise was to take me back to the diner. Unfortunately they were closed this winter :( so we had an adventure driving around Bear Lake and this time we ended up eating at Cafe Sabor (delicious Mexican food!)

On top of a sweet date Brent got me a new pair of shoes (my anniversary/valentine's gift).

seriously love the blue.

After our date we stopped by Macey's for some quick shopping. They must have known it was our anniversary weekend and so they put my favorite ice cream on sale :)

It was a great anniversary weekend! I am grateful for Brent and everything he does as a husband. I am glad that I married my best friend.

Love you babe.


  1. Love this whole post and everything about it :)

  2. wow!!! 2 years!! you guys are getting old... married for 2 years! haha. you guys are such an amazing couple!! i love the toms!! so cute!