07 February 2012

nephews and the blues

This weekend my brother Justin and his wife Ashley came to Logan with their two boys, Corgan and Greyson. We had a ton of fun hanging out with them. I remembered my camera, but pretty much only took pictures of the boys. Which is too bad because everyone else is cool too. On Saturday we started the day by going to a baby expo filled with fun baby things.

Greyson trying an airplane teeter totter

Sammi and I looking sad after her car wouldn't start

Sammi and Greyson playing in the backseat

We drove to see some buffalo in Hyrum. Corgan was very excited.

Corgan is a big animal lover. Here he is playing with Samson.

Greyson loved watching the turtle swim

We took the boys to the mall and they got to go on a ride.

We also had fun playing games with Justin, Ashley, Maren and Greg, watching movies, making dinner and singing the "guy on a buffalo" song.

Sunday night we watched the Superbowl with Brent's family and had fun playing games. I started feeling sick so we headed home early and went to bed. Monday I woke up feeling miserable. Brent knew I had a rough day and decided to surprise me Monday night. He got home and told me there was something on the doorstep.

I found this bag sitting outside our door.

He wrote this note to ask me to our stake's valentine's dance this weekend.

He filled the bag with my favorite "blue" candies.

It might be cheesy, but it was exactly what I needed to cheer me up after feeling so awful.


  1. thats the sweetest little date invite ever, way to bring it back to highschool level brent! in a good way of course ;)

  2. Lance & I are bummed we couldn't come up to hang with the sibs this weekend. We're looking forward to coming up & meeting Little Pickett though! PS: You are the one who has been looking awesome in pictures lately. Seriously. I haven't met anyone who has rocked the pregnant look like you do. :)

  3. ahh haha that is awesome! that is so cute he asked you to the dance!! i love it!!