25 January 2012

baby love, my baby love

We are 23 weeks pregnant! It feels like things are really starting to move quickly. Brent has a lot going on this semester and is doing a great job of balancing all of his responsibilities. After a crazy first trimester I am thrilled to have a much looser schedule. Whoever invented online classes is a genius--- class in my pj's rocks.

So after a few requests here are some pictures of my growing belly:

21 weeks pregnant
23 weeks pregnant
Can't believe how much I grew in just 2 weeks!

I am feeling much better this trimester. I have energy (well more than I used to) and have started using that energy for nesting. I have been reorganizing our entire house and have started lots of projects for the house and the baby. Speaking of baby, here is a pic of our handsome little guy:

baby Pickett 18 weeks
(totally looks like Brent)

My favorite thing in the world right now is laying still so I can feel him kick. I think he is a bit of a night owl, he kicks a lot after midnight. I'm pretty smitten already and have not even met the little guy yet. May cannot come soon enough!

My cravings of the week: Strawberry Julius, marshmallows and chocolate milk-- this baby has a sweet tooth.

I finally got maternity pants this past week- they are so comfortable, I may never go back. :)


  1. HOLY BUCKETS!!!!!!!!

    I don't think I knew you were pregnant. Congratulations! Thanks for blogging about it!

  2. You are a darling pregnant girl :) And for the record, you will probably want to go back to regular pants but not for a couple months after he comes ha ha! I'm so glad you guys are well. Love ya

  3. I always thought Brent looked like a fetus.

  4. Yay I love belly shots! Good job posting them. Glad your schedule is better.

  5. YAY!!! Love the pictures!! I'm so excited for you guys. Congrats again

  6. Oh my goodness you look pregnant!!! I never would have thought you're pretty thin body would show it. I forgot to tell you- I had a dream the other night that your baby was kicking so hard it's entire body was showing through your belly and we saw the "imprint" of what he looked like! ...yes, even in my dream you said he looked like Brent. I can't wait to meet the little guy :) Just a few short months left!

  7. ...by pretty thin I meant pretty AND thin- not "yeah, your body's PRETTY thin." :D