30 December 2011

home for the holidays

**I promise to charge my camera battery before the next blog post**

I finished student teaching (WOOHOO!) and Brent did VERY well on his finals. The last week of the semester was pretty crazy as we finished everything up and got things ready for the break.

The break started with Troy (Brent's little bro)'s farewell. Troy is leaving this week for the MTC then he'll be in Long Beach, CA. We are definitely going to miss him.

The day after the farewell Brent had back surgery. He has had herniated and bulging discs in his back that have caused him a lot of pain the last few years. We are hoping that this surgery will allow him to be full strength before the baby comes. He is doing very well so far. Because of the surgery we have been pretty much home bound the whole break. (With a few visits to his parents who live nearby).

We spend our days playing Mario Galaxy, watching Grey's Anatomy, reading, watching geek movies, and napping. It has been restful for both of us, but we are also going a bit stir crazy.

Pregnancy Update
We had our 18 week ultrasound the week before Christmas. So far things are looking good. We decided to have the doctor write down the gender of the baby for us to open on Christmas Eve. I am so glad we waited, it was really fun to open it with just the two of us. We found out that we are having a BOY! It is fun to be able to say "he" and "him."

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  1. We're so excited that you're having a boy. Glad Brent's surgery went well. Hope he isn't in too much pain!