12 December 2011

coo coo for finals week

Brent is going to be up late working on a Spanish paper. He should be working on it right now, but I was craving cocoa puffs, so he ran to get some.

I love this guy!

Baby Update: things are feeling good. We are going to the doctor on Thursday for our ultrasound. We'll find out the gender, but we are going to have the doctor write it down so we can open it for Christmas.


  1. thats such a fun idea waiting till christmas! i vote boy ;) basing it purely on corgans hopes and dreams ha

  2. Ok so are you guys as anxious as me cause I'm DYING to find out what your having!! It was fun seeing you guys the other night, we need to hang out more often!! You better text/call us as soon as you find out:)