10 June 2011


This is Brent, and I thought that I'd get on here and post a quick update on the things bouncing around in my head........

  1. In the spirit of Ashely Reeves' blog, here's a flawed but fabulous story... though it is certainly leaning towards the flawed side of the scale. We need a moral judgment here, because I think that we may be "scum of the earth"-type people. We were on our way to a church activity last night and on the way we passed aKool-Aid stand manned by a group of 11 year-old neighborhood girls. We pulled up, rolled down the window, and told them that we would take one glass of whatever they have. Instead of having the Kool-Aid in pitchers, they had the idea to do glasses of the sugary elixir one by one, made-to-order style. I thought it a great idea; however, complications soon arose. In the interest of teamwork, one girl poured the water, one dumped in the Kool-Aid packet, and one dumped in the sugar. However, they had not quite figured out who would be doing which job, and the proportions of each ingredient were.... let's say.... a bit off. They handed us the cup of Fruit Punch Kool-Aid and Katie took the first sip, which she did a good job of "enjoying" and then asked for a bit more sugar. The little girls kindly added a little bit more (emphasis on the little) and handed it back with a huge smile on her face. Knowing that we didn't actually stop for a cup of Kool-Aid, we smiled back, thanked them for their service, and even left them a 25 cent tip. As we drove off, we started to "critique" their business plan of serving Kool-Aid in a roadside stand in made-to-order glasses. About 200 yards down the road, I hit the brakes, looked at Katie and said, "Are we really critiquing the business plan of a group of 3 11 year-old girls and their lemonade stand? We might be the worst people alive." I don't know if that officially qualifies, but please weigh in. I think that I may very well have lost my mind. Legit shout out to the group of girls; keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive. Lesson learned? Certainly. Life is too short! Stop and smell the roses.
  2. Katie and I entered into a debate, and if you feel so inclined, please weigh in. (Note: there are some young boys playing outside our window right now. They appeared to be stacking some stuff to see how high it would get. I didn't actually see it happen, but I just heard a crash and heard the older one yelling angrily at his younger brother as he ran inside to tell his Mom.... this ought to be interesting.)

    A few nights ago as we were about to go to sleep, a question with enormous implications entered into my mind, and I simply could not rest until I got it resolved. Naturally, I turned to my moral compass in life, Katie, and asked her what she thought. The question is the following: Who would win in an epic battle duel of honor: Albus Dumbledore or Jedi Master Yoda? (I tell you that I get worried sometimes about the absolute idiocy of the things that are bouncing around my cerebral cortex.) Katie sided with Dumbledore, while I loyally stuck to Yoda. I won't get into a full breakdown here, but I need to know what America thinks. Who would win? I think the answer falls into the "obvious" category, with questions like: "What happens if I stick a fork in an electrical outlet?"; "Did Al Gore really invent the internet?"; and "Should we watch this new Nicolas Cage movie?"


I mean, I think the answer is clear. It'd be like LeBron James playing 1-on-1 vs. Nancy Pulosi.


  1. Dumbledore can make himself invisible. Just sayin'.

  2. while I refuse to comment on the star wars and lord of the rings comment, (cause I don't know anything about either) I can assure you picking kids business plans apart will only help them in the long run... haha -- lets hope so at least! loved this funny post ;)

  3. Let me begin by saying, The last time I said "hey let's watch this new Nicolas Cage movie..." I paid dearly with the most wasted hours of my life since my high school graduation.

    Yoda wins. can you say double back flip 360. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lig40TzCZJQ