12 June 2011

Summer Sun-days

I love Sundays in the summer. After we enjoy church in our fun ward we get to spend our afternoons soaking up the sun. Here are pics from the last two Sundays. Since I am taking a full load of courses this summer we do not see each other as much as we'd like. So Sundays are Brent and Katie days. :) Enjoy lots of pics!
Here we are in Merlin Olsen Park
Brent reading his totally un-nerdy book

Re-reading the hunger games. wow my legs are white.
My sad face when I realize my legs are the same color as the pages of my book.

Brent looking at something.

Just laying in the sun.

Love relaxing in the park!

Sitting on a bench outside the temple.
The view from our bench. <3 Cache Valley

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