06 June 2010

Sorry 'bout that....

So yeah, we haven't written ANYTHING on here for a while... our bad. We've been ridiculously busy with, well, life in general. I would like to apologize to any potential stalkers out there that were hoping to leech more general information from our lives: let the weirdness begin.

A lot of crazy things have happened to us lately; let's see if we can catch you up.

1) We committed to moving into a new apartment that seemed to be exactly what we wanted: more space, no utilities, washer/dryer hookups, full bath..... PERFECT. However, we were told last week that it is actually a meth den (yes, you read that correctly: a meth den, as in methamphetamine), so we're a little leery on that.

2) Katie is pregnant*

3)Baby Greyson was born and Katie is now officially baby hungry. She cannot WAIT to have one. As I write this, she is leaning her head on my shoulder saying "but he's so little and cute, and I want one." Yeah, let's work on the health insurance first, ok? Ok.
This is Brent and Corgan when we babysat the young whippersnapper whilst his parents were at the hospital.

4) We are searching for a new car (new to us, not to anybody else, aka: used). If you know of a good deal, please let us know.

5) We are starting our new summer school job tomorrow at Canyon Elementary School and are PSYCHED out of our minds!!!!! The kids are awesome, the environment is great, the pay is good, our co-workers rock, and it's where we fell in love, so we're looking forward to reliving that this summer!

6) My brother Brian got home after his mission and is so cool! I hadn't seen him for 4 years and Katie not for the previous 21, so needless to say it was a happy reunion. I'm having a ton of fun re-building our relationship over the summer.

7) Over memorial day weekend we survived food poisoning, sinusitis, and a high school graduation. Where's our medal? We be gettin' no love. Haters unite!

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of it now and can't seem to find the energy to care. If you are interested in the details, please let us know. They will be happily shared for a nominal fee.

*PSYCH!!!! Katie is not pregnant. How you like them apples?

Our life is awesome. We are sickeningly in love with each other and life is so good right now. Come what may, we know that we are being sustained by our Father in Heaven. We know that the church is true, we know that we are on our path back home, and we couldn't be happier about it.


  1. 1)I'm not sure if I'm offended by the stalker comment...which means I might be a stalker.

    2)I knew Katie wasn't pregnant. HA! (you kiddin me? You wouldn't announce that on a blog first. psht. please.)

    3)I don't have a third thing.

  2. Normally, I hate most married people's blogs, but you are both sassy and entertaining. Nice work! Glad you're happy. :-)