03 May 2010

Lucky I'm in love with my Best Friend

Today I (Katie) write from the basement corner of the USU library. I sit next to my charming husband Brent who is studying for finals. Life has been quite the whirlwind the past few weeks-- we have tons of pictures, all on Brent's computer, that I will upload sometime soon. Tonight I just wanted to post a quick note about my amazing husband.

Brent has been an absolute rockstar this semester. He worked two demanding jobs, one as a migrant education recruiter and the other coaching high school sophomore basketball. On top of these jobs Brent had a full class schedule including a very difficult anatomy class. While working hard at all of those things Brent was sweet enough to take a little time off for our wedding in January. He missed some classes and he missed a basketball game (the only region game that Varsity lost all year. The team blames me....)

One of my favorite things that Brent does for me are his"I love you days" where he surprises me for fun. One "I Love You Tuesday" I came home to find a clean apartment, dinner started and a new set of scriptures on my bed. A few weeks later I got some new black converse shoes for "I Love You Thursday." Brent often complains that I never ask him for any presents, so he finds creative ways of sneaking them... (I'll post a picture later) He hid one gift in a gift bag at Wal-Mart, I didn't see it til we were checking out.

Another favorite thing about Brent is that he enjoys arguing about politics. He is very open minded (he's becoming more liberal every day, LOVE IT). We've spent a lot of time the past few weeks arguing with relatives and friends about the Arizona Immigration Law-- it's been fun to be on the same side of the debate.

I feel very lucky and grateful to be married to my best friend. We can, and do, talk about everything. My favorite nights are spent at home making dinner together. We are quite the chefs (if I do say so myself). We are working on perfecting our Monte Cristo's :)

Brent keeps trying to catch a peek at what I am writing, so I'm going to hurry and post this.

te amo papi :)

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  1. I LOVE Monte Cristos!

    Also, I love you and Brent...and wheely chairs, but that is a whole different story.

    PS. I'm sorry I missed out on library day it sounds like good times.