30 June 2010

Meth Den no more

It's a long complicated story, one which involves a lot of frustration and tears-- but thanks to prayer and many tender mercies we are out of our first apartment. While we loved our little place, we were scared when we found out the people sharing our duplex had been using meth. Especially scary when we considered our shared vents. We talked to a lot of people and got LOTS of opinions. Our landlord assured us there was no danger and dragged his feet for about a month. On Saturday he told us if we wanted a meth test done we'd need to pay the $150 for it. That was it for us. We spent Saturday night apartment looking and Sunday we were blessed to find a great deal on an AMAZING place. We packed up Sunday night and finished the cleaning Monday. The greatest miracle in our minds is that we had only signed a 6 month lease, which ends this Thursday.

Brent has been hard at work unpacking the new place while Katie has been painting. The new place had some cute colors on the walls, but the front room had a DARK PURPLE on it. We decided that we wanted something more cheerful, so we've opted for a skyish blue. and we LOVE it!

We are tired, dusty, paint-covered and not even close to done, but we are also incredibly happy to be in a safe place.

The Church is true.

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