12 April 2010

Monday Night Milkshakes

We recently discovered the infinite treasure that is the Logan Library (you win this round, Reading Rainbow). In addition to books fit for any interest they also have an extensive movie library with FREE rentals. For a poor couple this is like Cortez and the new world. So far we have had the pleasure of viewing such treasures as:

1. Freaks and Geeks- the full series
2. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
3. Bride and Prejudice (Brent hated it)
4. Muppet Treasure Island
5. Eerie Indiana- Season 1
6. The Fox and the Hound
7. The Music Man
8. Pete and Pete- Season 1

Suffice it to say that with our entertainment budget at zilch this has been a quite welcome happening in our life.

Sidebar: is it sad that the only thing that we have to blog about is our weekly perusing of the library for childhood memories in DVD form? Your input is appreciated.

Today Brent and I are both sickly. We took a long afternoon nap. Tonight we enjoyed some simple sandwiches and strawberry milkshake for dessert.

Brent drinking his milkshake.

Our happy milkshake faces.

Our little life here on the corner of 5th and center is gloriously, amazingly happy:)


  1. What an incredible time of life!!! You guys are so cute! Ok, well you are so cute, Yes Katie you!!

  2. Can I just say how much I am a fan of your guys blogging style?

    You all can stay and I am going to prove it by clicking that little 'follow this blog' button right over ..there!