10 April 2010

After much pressure from siblings and friends we've decided to jump into the world of blogging. So here is a little bit about us:

We live happily in the tiniest (and cheapest) apartment in all of Logan. Our favorite activities include renting movies from the library, cooking big meals and bringing surprise gifts home for each other. We managed to survive a stressful couple of months filled with finals, graduation, new jobs, basketball season, herniated discs, wedding plans and moving.

Coached the sophomore basketball team at Mountain Crest High School and assisted with the Varsity (he claims all he did was keep stats, but I saw him work with Troy on his 3 pointers so I'm not buying it). After many old man health problems (herniated disc, ulcers, sleep apnea), Brent is looking forward to a summer of being 23 and feeling healthy. He has recently decided to become a doctor and is working hard in school to prepare for medical school. We hate snow very much and have decided when the time comes we are going somewhere much warmer for medical school. Katie is hoping for San Diego. Brent enjoys dabbling in photography and has gotten some GREAT shots. He has also developed an unhealthy and nerdy (his word) obsession for turtles. He realizes that this increases the nerd index score (NIS) in his life. Brent really enjoys watching and playing with our turtle, Samson.

Katie graduated in December from USU with a triple (that's right. Three times the normal) major in Gender Studies, Political Science, and Journalism. Unfortunately, the job market for this field in Cache Valley isn't quite so broad, so she had to accept a position as an administrative assistant at a residential treatment center. Though she learned a lot, they had to part ways for our collective sanity. She is now waiting to hear about graduate school in the fall and is also organizing a summer school for elementary school kids. That is where we worked together and fell for each other last summer, so we're excited to head back this summer!

So that is our life in an extended nutshell. Here are some pics of our recent happenings/adventures.

This is Brent with Samson. Brent is sporting a saucy faux-hawk that Katie loves and Brent "hates."
Here is Katie with her research poster at the opening for the new Women's Center at USU.

And this is LOVE

So ya, that's our life :)


  1. Wahoo! So excited that I get to follow your crazy busy lives :) Love you guys

  2. Cool blog you guys! We need to get together soon. Sorry we were sloths tonight.

  3. yay you're BLOGGING! we're following ;) I can't tell what that last pic is, but it looks scandalous, and makes me nervous haha. love you guys!

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging!!! It will be fun to keep up to date on you guys :)