22 October 2011

DIY chevron table

So this was my August project. You will notice that in almost every picture Brent is doing all of the work. He graciously volunteered to sand and prime the table (all the hard stuff) So I could just add on my design. The coffee table was originally purchased for $10 at D.I. It took us a full year to get around to painting it.

Here is Brent sanding away.
This is a close up so you can see the checkerboard pattern that was on the table originally.

Here is Brent painting for me
The painted coffee table.
At first I wanted to keep the checkerboard design. I spent 2 hours taping this off before I realized that the checkerboard pattern was not perfectly even on the original design.
I bought these cardboard stencils from Walmart that I planned to use in the checkerboard pattern. These were my samples, as you can see they bled a lot. I tried everything I could, but it kept turning out sloppy.
We left it for a week or two and then my sister-in-law Ashley came to visit and she suggested a Chevron design, so we gave it a try. If I were going to do it again I would definitely start with three straight lines to make sure the points lined up. It turned out ok, but it is a little bit crooked. (luckily it is such a busy design it is hard to tell)
Here is the completed table. I LOVE it!

Another angle of the completed table
Here it is with our blue walls.

Overall it was a fun project. We were able to use cheap white paint and a $3 gray paint sample from Walmart for the stripes.

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