04 May 2011

lost and found

Sometimes you just have to laugh, because is life is funny. And today's funny story really had me rolling.

This story starts last summer on our last day of the after school program. Immediately following work we hopped in our car and headed for Yellowstone to go camping with my family. We made a quick stop at our apartment and that is when the trouble started...
I had been playing with our ipod trying to get the right song ready to start our road trip. We ran in the house made a couple of quick trips and when we sat back down the ipod was nowhere to be seen.
We looked everywhere. Our car was stuffed and I was sure it had fallen between our seats. We kept digging in the car and looked all over the house. No luck. We left without the pod. We got back from Yellowstone and cleaned out the car. STILL no luck. We looked everywhere and finally gave up hope. Brent was convinced it fell out of the car and I was convinced it was still stuck underneath one of the seats in some tiny nook.

Fast forward 5 months and it is Christmas time. I decided to splurge and get Brent a new ipod because-- depending on how you look at it, it might have been... maybe just a little bit, my fault that our old pod was gone. So I got him a new nano. It was risky because it was even smaller and our record at losing things is high. But we thought we'd give it a shot.
Brent definitely did not expect it, but really liked having an ipod again. Especially as he started running it was great to have some tunes. All went well at first, we managed to keep it safe, until this week. It was lost, nowhere to be found. Brent tore apart the house with no luck. Then he took the car and cleaned it out (which I was thrilled about) but instead of finding the new ipod he found THE OLD POD! hidden in a tiny crevice underneath his seat! (LIKE I SAID ALL ALONG!!)

He came in and we laughed and laughed. We still couldn't find the new pod but we figured it would turn up, and sure enough he dropped his pen in between couch cushions tonight and pulled out the pod.

So now we have two ipods and both are in my sight. Let's just hope we can hold on to them a bit longer this time :)

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