20 March 2011

March Madness

Our blogging efforts at the beginning of 2011 were great but the past month has been an epic fail. So here is a post to catch you up on our life.


Sharolee and Jason's Wedding

Early in the month we got to go to Lindon for Sharolee's wedding reception. Sharolee is one of my closest friends. We really got to know each other through orchestra. Here are some pics :)

This is me with Libby's beautiful little girl Anna Liberty. Oh and Tess is making a funny face in the background.

Here is brent playing with Anna. They got along great.

Here we are with the happy couple. We are so happy for Lee and Jason. Also-- check out how great Brent looks-- this was after 1.5 months on our diet.

The black pack- we don't get to see these girls nearly enough. They are some of the sweetest, funniest and all around best friends a girl could have.

Valentine's Day

Forgot to take pictures of our cute dinner (darn!) Last year we started a tradition of having Valentine's at home. We made a big dinner-- fettuccine alfredo, chicken, asparagus, salad. This year for gifts we decided to do homemade gifts. I made Brent a valentine and he wrote me a poem. It ended up being a lovely evening and a nice break from homework.

Brent's Birthday

Brent turned 24 this year. We celebrated by:
  • A big breakfast
  • Going shopping for new clothes (for him)
  • Dinner at Hamilton's
  • Troy's state playoff basketball game
  • Played games with Maren and Greg
  • Watched movies until late
Overall Brent deemed the day a success. The picture below is old... but I feel like it is a great representation of my husband. This is his "don't be this crevice in my arm" look


Spring Break!

We decided to hit the road and head to California this spring break. Brent had never met my dad's parents and there were several other family members whom he'd never met. Also he had never had a Ferrarese's sandwich, which obviously needed to be fixed. We had a great week out there. I am waiting for Brent to edit the pictures so I'll do more about that topic soon!

Back to the Grind

Since spring break we have been busy with life. Brent is doing well in his classes, keeping up with homework and tests. In addition to work Brent is volunteering as an interpreter at the hospital. He is very involved with Spanish Ambassadors on campus and is serving in the Elder's Quorum Presidency. He does a great job of balancing it all. I am very impressed with him.

My life has been a bit chaotic this month. In addition to my classes, I am observing classes at Mt. Logan Middle School, which is close enough that I can walk over. I still LOVE my job as after school program director. We decided to apply for a grant to do a health fair and got $1000 to put it together. So now I am running around trying to make this fair happen. Friday to get the kids excited we had an international foods fair. I brought in several foods for the kids to try. My favorite (of course) is pictured below.

If you would like to come to our health fair it will be April 13 (Wednesday) in the Millville Elementary gym at 3:30.

That's it for now. I promise to keep up with this better :)


  1. Happy about the update from you guys finally! We need to all get together again soon.

  2. Oooh that makes me want sushi right now. Too bad it's Sunday :-/