24 March 2011

awkward and awesome thursday

So I've seen a few other bloggers participating awkward and awesome thursdays and realized that I am both awkward and awesome so here it goes:

  • putting my hair in a french braid and having ALL the short pieces of hair fall down
  • being late to all of my classes this week and walking into class in the middle of lecture
  • getting sick and having to take nyquil at night. According to Brent I: sobbed, screamed, hit, and laughed uncontrollably.
  • The following conversation which took place the morning after the nyquil incident:
Brent: "You went crazy. You were sobbing and yelling for me to protect you because someone was trying to take your arm."
Katie: "You must have done well, I woke up with two arms."
Brent: "Ya. Don't ever say I don't do well in crisis situations."

  • started watching the Biggest Loser again instead of watching people lose weight over the course of several weeks I watched it all in just a few days :)
  • Beating Brent in Quiddler Sunday night
  • During a classroom observation this week I recognized J- a boy who I met a few summers ago who spoke no English. We worked together all summer and he is a big reason why I am going back to be an ESL teacher. He read aloud from a book for the whole class. His English is awesome!
  • rediscovering the cheese curds and rootbeer at A&Ws (I've gone three times in the past week!)

What is awkward and awesome in your life?