09 November 2010

This semester has been an adventure for Brent and I. Brent is still working for the Migrant Education Program, which he loves! He is really focusing on classes this semester and is doing very well in his Chemistry, Biology and Spanish classes. Brent has also been doing a lot of things to prepare for medical school. He has joined some clubs on campus and is now volunteering as a translator at the hospital. Needless to say, he is very very busy.

I started my Master's this semester. So far I am loving my education classes! I take most of my classes online, so I can work on them in the mornings. I work as the site director for an elementary after school program. I love the job, I love working with the kids and the hours are great! I have two night classes (Wednesdays and Thursdays), but other than that I enjoy quiet nights at home with Brent.

Life is busy for both of us, but this semester we have enjoyed having dinners together every night. I have been trying new things every day. Tonight we made Cafe Rio food at home! I am waiting for Brent to get back from his lab so we can eat it, it smells delicious :)

I am going to leave you with a picture of Brent and I on Halloween. Brent bought a 12 pack of HIDEOUS mustaches and I promised he could wear one for Halloween. We decided to be a couple from the 1950's. I dressed up like a housewife with apron, pearls and heels. We had a blast at our friends' Brady and Mal's Halloween party.


  1. I follow your blog now! You totally keep posting so I can keep on reading. :)