12 August 2010

Summer Days

This summer has been AMAZING. When we first got married between jobs, school and basketball season Brent and I only saw each other for about 2 hours a day. This summer Brent and I got to work together at an elementary school. That meant spending pretty much all day together. It was a blast. We fell in love last summer working this job together and this summer we enjoyed returning to fun days filled with 4-square, snack time and coloring.

We finished our last day on July 22 (the program was originally scheduled to run through the 23rd- my birthday- but I wanted to be camping with my family so we cut the program a day early). Above is a picture of the staff on the last day. (can't post pics of the kids for legal reasons)

As soon as we finished our final day - WATER DAY - Brent and I hit the road. We drove to Yellowstone and set up camp with my fam. We enjoyed an incredible week of fishing, hiking, eating delicious dutch oven food, playing with nephews, swimming, storytelling, roasting marshmallows, playing ridiculous games and star gazing.

Marshmallow Kisses

Dinner Time with Larkin -- Last hangouts before they moved to Iowa :(

Enjoying the campfire with cousins

It was a fantastic vacation-- so great in fact that Brent couldn't wait to go back, we're heading up for another fishing trip this Saturday :)

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