09 December 2012

family photos

This is from the family photo shoot we did in October. We took these up at USU. I will really miss campus when we move next year. Some of the photos are a bit washed out-- but we are playing with the lighting on photoshop before we print them.

Sammi was a big help by being our photographer :)
This is a photo project I am making Brent do-- These are some trees in Providence that I fell in love with when we were dating. I want a picture of them in every season  :)


  1. I know those trees! They are right at the bottom of my road. :) (Well of my parent's house.) :)

    Great family photos. I love your yellow jacket. It gives it a nice pop of color.

  2. i love those pictures!! what a cute family!!

  3. goodness gracious, you are a lovely family! cant wait to play all week next week!!!!

  4. So great! Love your little family!