22 April 2011

flawed and fabulous

My sister in law Ashley started this fun thing called flawed and fabulous friday where we celebrate our flaws. So here goes:

Last night I got out of class around 10. It has been a long week and I was ready to get home and crash. Brent and I had both been sick all week. But as I got in the car Brent told me that he was in desperate need of a bran muffin (new diet = weird cravings). We went to Smith's and looked through their baked goods, NO LUCK! We went to whatever Albertson's is called now, NO LUCK! Brent was really frustrated and then I realized he had been wearing his shirt inside out all night I started laughing. Instead of going home I called Macey's and they said that they sold them in packs of 4.
We rushed to Maceys and looked through their muffins. They had bran muffins but the four packs were variety packs and had lots of different flavors. Brent was really upset, so I did the only rational thing and started marching to the service desk to demand they put 4 in a box, they did tell me they sold them after all. Brent stopped me and dragged me back to the muffin stand where we finally found one box with 4 bran muffins. He was one happy camper and we giggled the whole way home.

yes we are ridiculous but we love our silly adventures. Flawed and Fabulous :)

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